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Job opportunities at Hebronstar Strategy Consultants


As the premier strategy consulting firm based in South Korea, Hebronstar focuses on innovation that drives growth, increases profitability, and sets new market-leadership standards for prominent companies around the world.

In 2014, we improved our revenue by 69.5 percent, thereby growing much faster than the consulting industry average.

As of 2018, Hebronstar Strategy Consultants now operates in 7 regional offices across 5 countries consisting of South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines and is working in close connection with 30 regional Hebronstar Alliance offices across 20 countries including USA, Italy, China, Japan, Israel, Brazil, India, Peru and Taiwan to deliver exceptional results in cross-border projects.

9 years have passed since our inception in 2009 where we have envisioned becoming Asia’s representative consulting firm and throughout our short expedition to date, we have enjoyed bringing forth tailored solutions to various business problems of over 200 clients.

Hebronstar facilitates our clients to strategically plan for their future, pave the way to enter the global market and to build their internal capacity to realize sustainable growth.

We envision becoming Asia’s representative consulting firm.

However, we do not wish to rest in comfort zones in Asia but to expand to every corner in the world where business problems exist.

Hebronstar serves clients on a wide array of issues, regardless of industry sector. Our offerings fall under following main capability areas:

  • Strategy
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing
  • Performance Improvement
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Information Technology
  • Organization
  • Change Management
  • MICE
  • Startup acceleration, incubation, investment



If you are interested in working in an international and dynamic environment, providing you with:

  • Training courses, team building and volunteer activities each month;
  • 20% pay raise and promotion if you are the best performer each quarter;
  • Vacation trip with global colleagues to foreign country each year;
  • 12 days of annual leave and 30 days of sick leave every year;
  • Support for buying new laptop, healthcare, overtime meal, business attire, education, family events,etc

Then hurry up to apply for Project coordinator position at Hebronstar Vietnam.


As Project coordinator, you will operate across a wide variety of following assignments:

  • Conduct market research and assessments to assist investment decisions;
  • Responsible for company events: Make budget plan; Book transportation; Prepare conference kit & amp; Make database/phone call to potential buyer/distributor; Coordinate and operate training program, including program design, scheduling and booking spaces for accelerating activities;
  • Arrange the post event evaluation (analysis and producing reports);
  • Other tasks will be discussed in the interview.


Must have:

  • University degree in of these majors: Economics, Finance, Investment, Funding, Commerce, International Business, Marketing, Business Administration;
  • Has at least 6 months experience in conducting market research or relevant;
  • Competency in English: listening, speaking, writing and reading; equivalent to TOEIC 800 or IELTS 6.0;

Nice to have:                                                                                            

  • Able to work with different cultural conditions;
  • Being a strong team player;
  • Can do multitask and be detail-oriented.

*WORK LOCATION: 10th Floor, Saigon Paragon Building, 3 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC

*DEADLINE: 17/08/2018

*SALARY: 300$ – 500$

*CONTACT: Ms. Loan Nguyen – Administration Dept. (+84 28 161774)


  • Please send your English resume to;
  • You will be invited to one on-site interview with us;
  • Your probationary period is 2 months with 85% salary.


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  • Email:
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